To be safe, prohibited activity should cease 10 minutes before the stated time.


Fast of the First Born: Friday, 15 April

Search for chametz: Thursday night 14 April after nightfall

Latest time for eating chametz: Before 10.02am Friday 15 April 

Latest time for selling, burning and removal of chametz: Friday before 10.58am.The ‘Kol Chamira’ should have been recited by this time.

Candle Lighting: 
1st night Yom Tov at 5.15pmpm
2nd night Yom Tov after 6.10pm
7th night Yom Tov at 5.08pm
8th night Shabbat & Yom Tov after 5.06pm

The Seder: Should not begin before 6.10pm on Friday, 15 April. The second seder night is Saturday, 16 April after 6.10pm

Pesach Ends: Saturday 23 April at 6.08pm. Chametz maybe eaten from 6.38pm


Latest times for eating chametz Friday morning 15 April 2022


Times for stopping to eat chametz on



Friday morning 15 April 2022

Times before which chametz must be sold, Kol Chamira said and all benefits from Chametz ceased

Friday morning
15 April 2022

Times  for Candle Lighting on First Night Seder



Friday evening
15 April 2022

Times2 for Candle Lighting on Second night Seder,



Saturday Evening 
16 April 2022

Jerusalem 10.30am 11.24am 6.31pm 7.45pm
Sydney 10.02am 10.58am 5.15pm 6.10pm
Melbourne 10.28pm 11.23am 5.36pm 6.32pm
Adelaide 10.23pm 11.19am 5.34pm 6.30pm
Brisbane 9.53am 10.50am 5.13pm 6.05pm
Perth 10.23am 11.20am 5.39pm 6.33pm
Canberra 10.11am 11.07am 5.20pm 6.16pm
Hobart 10.21pm 11.16pm 5.21pm 6.20pm
Darwin 10.48am 11.47am 6.24pm 7.13pm
New Zealand        
Auckland 10.29am 11.25am 5.38pm 6.34pm
Wellington 10.30am 11.25am 5.33am 6.32pm
Christchurch 10.40am 11.35am 5.39pm 6.39pm

1. We list Jerusalem times in line with the Biblical teaching that Jerusalem be always our focus at any joyous time

2. The time of Candle Lighting Saturday night is the time when Shabbat ends; no preparation may be made before that time, for the seder.

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