1) The Application

Your kosher journey begins by contacting The Kashrut Authority.
 • Phone 1300–KASHRUT or (+61 2) 9365 2933
 • Fax (+61 2) 9365 0933
 • Email (info@ka.org.au)
 • Face–to–face (e.g. at a tradeshow)
 • Access our on–line application at (www.ka.org.au)
We are delighted to answer any questions or queries you may have and will send you an application form asking you to provide details concerning the product(s), manufacturing plant(s) and raw materials currently in use. (Please note: maintaining your privacy is paramount). 
Upon receipt of your application, one of our trained Rabbinic Coordinators (assigned as knowledgeable in your field of production) will review your application and will contact you if any further questions should arise.

2) First Inspection

Your assigned coordinator will schedule a visit to your manufacturing plant(s) for an on–site physical inspection and will determine what subtle changes, if any, may need to be made before the product can be certified kosher. It is at this point the KA will advise your annual fee, based on a set of comprehensive factors including the nature of your plant(s), its location and the work required on our part. Any concerns that arise form the basis of an on–going dialogue between your company and The Kashrut Authority. The KA is here to assist you and endeavour to make this process as smooth as possible.

3) The Contract

The KA contract will be drawn up outlining the agreement between your company and the KA. This will be promptly sent to you to be reviewed and signed. A component of this agreement is the on–going monitoring of your plant(s).

4) Certification Commences

Along with your signed contract, The KA will now issue you with a KA Kosher Certificate for you to proudly display. You will be newly certified by The Kashrut Authority–ready to access one of the fastest growing current trends in food processing.

5) Congratulations

You are now certified by The Kashrut Authority. Your product(s) have direct access to the kosher market, positioned to continue on its trajectory of strong growth. The KA can’t wait to utilise our various communication channels on your behalf: we will add your product details to our website’s searchable directory of kosher products and to our iPhone App. KA iKosher; print your information in our hard copy directory; inform our engaged Facebook community of your presence, feature your company in our popular e–newsletter, Kosher KApers—the list goes on!