For many, kosher food labels represent a commitment to product quality. Today, consumers are more aware than ever before of trust – marks when food shopping. In the U.S.A., 95% of Americans take into account quality symbols and trust – marks. The kosher symbol (from a reputable Kosher Certification agency) is one of the top eight trust – marks (including organic and low sodium markers).

In fact, current data ( 2011 ) from Mintel’s Global New Products Database has revealed that ‘kosher’ is the “most frequent health– focussed on–package claim” for new products in the American food and beverage industry.

The respected KA logo communicates that food and beverage products sold to each consumer are considered kosher due to their preparation, ingredients and quality control standards. As indicated above, the subtle variations of the Diamond KA logo reflect the Dairy, Meat and Pareve kosher foods on offer. The KA Passover symbol refers to the uniquely prepared kosher foods for the eight–day holiday, in which no leavened products may be consumed.

The KA logo has long been viewed by manufacturers and consumers alike as an independent verification of excellence, integrity and purity. In addition, the KA hechsher or logo offers those with food allergies and sensitivities key information to help identify dairy or meat – free products.


Logo Usage Conditions

This is the registered logo of The Kashrut Authority, as outlined in your Kashrut Certification Agreement.  The above logo may only be used on labels, stickers, stampers and packaging bearing your company’s name and the name of the product which the KA has certified.

Use of the KA logo on labels, stickers etc not bearing the company name or product name is in breach of your licence.  

We strongly recommend that you forward a copy of the proposed artwork to the KA for approval prior to printing.

Two samples of the finished printed label or film should also be forwarded for registration with the Kashrut Authority.