Many foods are susceptible to insect attack such as flour, cereals, pasta, dried fruits and nuts.  Infestation can be passed on from one foodstuff to another and this process can be further accelerated by weather conditions such as high temperatures and humidity.

Doing the following can reduce the risk of infestation:

1. Store products in dry areas away from the light
2. Once opened, store products in airtight containers
3. Storing in the refrigerator or under cool conditions will reduce infestation.

4  Flour will often become infested due to the hatching of microscopic eggs that remain on the flour through the milling process. They will usually hatch within six weeks of milling. Placing flour in the freezer for 48 hours will kill all microscopic eggs and prevent further infestation.
5. Temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius will promote insect activity.

Avoid storing near:

    *Dried Fruits
    *Whole grains
    *Dried pet foods

Store near:

    *Canned foods
    *Bottled goods

If your food has become infested you should remove and destroy infested foodstuffs to prevent the spread of insects.  Small quantities of infested materials can be held conveniently in plastic bags in the freezer compartment of a refrigerator for about 24 hours to kill the insects and then the bags may be disposed without fear of further infestation.  Check that infestation has not spread to other packages stored near the infested foods, then clean the storage area thoroughly.