The Kashrut Authority has had a profound impact on the Australian Jewish community and beyond ever since the first Rabbinic court established in Australia, known as the Sydney Beth Din, was founded prior to Federation. In fact, the topic of kosher food on Australian soil has been discussed ever since Jewish convicts (as part of the First Fleet) set foot on Terra Firma. The Kashrut Authority is proud to be the longest continuously operating kosher organisation in Australia.

Over the last century, The Kashrut Authority, commencing as the Kosher Department within the Sydney Beth Din, has evolved and developed, all – the – while with a clear vision, integrity and dedication. In 1990, a new era of growth and vitality for kosher services began, with the successful merger of the two kosher organisations operating in Sydney. The unification resulted in today’s Kashrut Authority, well known throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia for its provision of premium kosher supervision and certification of companies and facilities.

The Kashrut Authority is a member of the respected U.S .– based international Association of Kashrus Organizations (AKO). AKO’s primary goal is to unite different kosher agencies around the world under its AKO umbrella, with the intention to raise and maintain the highest level of kosher standards.

Effectively, AKO provides the leaders of kosher organisationsworldwide with a unique forum that facilitates the pooling and sharing of information. The KA navigates the way forward with the support of AKO members and consequently advises local companies of successful global kosher opportunities.

Leading the field of Kosher Certification for so many decades has only been possible with a continuous commitment to loyally serve the needs of both producer and consumer. The Kashrut Authority offers guidance and assistance every step of the way and has certainly embraced the technological revolution. Today, the Kosher Certification process is cutting – edge and streamlined. It employs the use of one of the world’s most efficient and secure Kosher Certification digital platforms — Digital Kosher. In real – time, this provides a seamless, paperless solution, housing the application for KA Certification; ingredient approval and final product certification. Of course, it is all instantly accessible.

Today, the dedicated KA team is extremely proud of the milestones of the past century. The Kashrut Authority looks to the future, confident in its ability to supply premium kosher services to its clients and the community as a whole.