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July 24 - Kosher Update

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July 19, 2024
The 5784/2024 Pesach Guide
April 02, 2024
August 23 Kosher Update

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August 08, 2023


The Kashrut Authority (KA) offers a wide range of exceptional Kosher Certification services to companies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. A trusted global leader in the field of Kosher Certification for more than a century, The Kashrut Authority is deeply committed to aiding clients on their kosher journey, helping to realise a profitable and long lasting market outlet for many and varied products. Accessing the kosher market offers a competitive edge, with vast potential on both a local and international scale.

The Kashrut Authority believes in keeping the process simple, presenting a dedicated team and offering cutting edge technological solutions The Kashrut Authority looks forward with confidence.

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