On behalf of the entire KA team, I am delighted to introduce you to the remake of an old and loyal friend – one that will be here for you day and night, 24/6, constantly updating you on all the latest kosher news around town. Of course, I am referring to our brand new website!

We have deliberately taken our time redeveloping the website to ensure we meet all the criteria we set ourselves, to make keeping Kosher easy for you. The KA website has been rebuilt and redefined, and is live now. Over the coming months, we will continue to quietly refine our new virtual home, and once that task is completed, we will then be in a position to finalise and launch the new KA iKosher App, for both iPhone and Android. We can’t wait to share it with you!

We invite you to explore by commencing KA kosher searches to your heart’s content!  From our KA Product Directory (constantly updated in real time), to KA establishments, Halachic policies and information about kosher certification, is now all at your fingertips – and so much more information required by a dynamic community like Sydney.

Our office is buzzing with news on a daily basis. We are excited to share with you that recently our KA supermarket shelf tag labelling activities have been expanded with the appointment of a full-time Kashrut manager at Woolworths. We appreciate the positive feedback about this helpful and convenient initiative around town.

Another major initiative is KA certification of the in-house bakery at Coles St Ives Shopping Village. Every product baked in-house at Coles St Ives will be labelled “Coles Bakery ”  or "Coles Finest by Laurent", for easy identification of the KA certified kosher products. (See photos below).  There are some products in traditional Coles packaging which are produced elsewhere, and these are not kosher. This is currently available ONLY at Coles St Ives Shopping Village, Store # 5676, but watch this space.

If you have any comments for us in regard to our new website, we welcome them! If issues do arise, rest assured we will address them immediately. Please address any such enquiries to Girgee Barukh at girgee@ka.org.au.

We encourage you to actively support all our kosher providers, shops, butcher, restaurants, caterers, supermarkets etc., if we don't use it, we will lose it.

On behalf of our KA team, thank you for your support – here’s to a more user friendly and rewarding Kashrut experience!

Best regards,

Baron M. Revelman