Australian cabbage, savoy cabbage and red cabbage should be checked as follows:

(a)    The outer leaves should be removed and if they are found to be insect free the vegetable should be cut into quarters and visually inspected.  If both the outer leaves and the inner quarters appear to be free from infestation then one can assume there is no further infestation and after rinsing, the cabbage or lettuce may be used.

(b)    If there are insects found on the outer leaves, a meticulous visual inspection must be made of the inner quarters.  If they appear to be insect free then one can assume that there is no internal infestation and the quarters may be used. If however internal infestation is found (ie if even one or two bugs are visible) then the leaves must be individually separated and checked.

If whole leaves are required, (such as for stuffed cabbage) each leaf must be individually checked. If the leaves have been blanched in hot water they must still be checked before being stuffed.