Posted on June 30, 2022 at 11:56 am

The KA is excited to advise that KA-certified Paesanella cheeses are now available (Dairy, not Chalav Yisrael).
Here are the 'deets':
Five rennet set cheeses within the Paesanella range are now KA-certified via batch production only and available in four Woolworths stores. As seen within the image below, 'KA' has been inkjetted on the tubs directly. This is the case for all rennet set cheeses except halloumi, which is produced with a different machine and can't be imprinted, therefore KA stickers indicate kashrut status on this specific cheese.

With Paesanella acid set ricotta cheeses, The KA advises that they are now KA-certified kosher and can be purchased wherever sold without the need for any KA logo or sticker.

Batch productions of Paesanella rennet set cheeses include:
Image removed. Buffalo Mozzarella
Image removed. Bocconcini Cherry
Image removed. Fresco Halloumi
Image removed. Traditional Bocconcini
Image removed. Burrata
The following varieties of Paesanella acid set cheeses include:
Image removed. Fresh Pure Milk Ricotta (no logo required)
Image removed. Buffalo Ricotta (no logo required)
Image removed. Dry Ricotta (no logo required)
The KA has been advised that KA batch production rennet set cheeses are now available on shelves within the kosher aisle refrigerated section at Woolworths:
Image removed. Double Bay - Temporarily sold out
Image removed. Bondi Junction
Image removed. St. Ives
Image removed. Eastgardens